LIL AMEL - Hip Hop Ragga Singer

Lil Amel, Hip Hop singer, native from Le Havre (Normandy, France), made her first steps in music with her pen  from the age of nine, she began to writing lyrics and poems, at school or at home, inspired by urban rhythms and literature .. Later, fascinated by the language of Shakespeare and bound by a multicultural and family diversity,  her  texts took a  form "Anglo-American Portuguese" made her becoming author. 

her aptitude to speak different languages made easier for her  to meet people in the music world in France and the United States when she decided to move from writing to interpretation in early 2010.
One of the first people supported her is Studdah Man, Public Enemy producer and general manager of the digital section of SLAMjamz with which she participated as an assistant on the Europe promotion of  a young artist from Brooklyn JAE.
Thereafter, and during her many trips across the Atlantic, other artists, composers and producers will expand the list of knowledge; Public Enemy and one of their producer DJ Johnny Juice, Son Of Bazerk, Doc Ice UTFO, Easy Mo Bee, Dirty Jerz, Jon Damani, DJ Inhuman, The Koncept to name a few .. 

 Her first album "D.R.E.A.M" (Drums, Rhythm, Energy, Art & Music) is available  on Itunes, Amazon, Deezer, 7digital... a diversified project  as the image of the artist with songs in several languages ​​(English Portuguese, French, Wolof ..) and sounds just as varied (Hip Hop, RNB, Raggaton,Pop,soul).

A total of ten titles compose the musical work; "HOLDING ON" which starts the playlist, "POSE" a delightful mix of Hip Hop, Pop lyrically that fits the melody image, "TOXIC" a hint of West Coast trio with explosive Origin'All Record team,"FACE A L'EST" lyrics involved see challenging," LIGHT YEARS "melodious dedication towards God, or " PAS DE  REGRET "a key biographical female artist on her unveiling some of its past.

Lil Amel has participated in many shows including a concert in the first half of Mokobé at Maggic  Mirror, also the festival  Zikofolies 2013 and her first pieces mix tape has been played on several radio stations including USA & blogs 
(Smatch Mouth Fm, Fm Agora,, Power 101.5 FM,, Jiggybox Tv..) Also "Toxic" is on Young Money Unsign Hype vol 7 mixtape & "Change" on Prisonniers du monde, Alktraz mixtape

Actually, she's working on a second project more melodious than ever, providing american featurings as Dajon hajj, jon damani among other...

Within a short time, she has demonstrated her talent and artistic qualities, being both a singer, songwriter and photographer with a pseudo "white chocolate" given by the Brooklyn rappers themselves, designating it as an  glamor, curious artist and  a surprising alternative in the world of French Hip Hop New York ...

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